Friday, February 22, 2013

My First Time (Ep3) - Nail Stamp Art

Today I thought I’d post about my *cough* shitty *cough* first experience with a relatively new and seemingly fun trend in the nail world called nail stamping art.  I first heard about it a year or two ago when a lot of beauty Youtubers were using Konad’s nail stamping kit with beautiful results.  It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I finally bought this ‘Salon Express’ version at a Marshalls here in San Diego for 6 dollars so I thought “what the hell, lets give this a go”.


Here is a photo of the packaging for those of you unfamiliar with what it looks like.  Seems easy enough with the simple steps shown visually on the back.

And here is a picture of main the contents of the Salon Express stamping kit, excluding the two nail polishes shown that are actually from my own nail polish collection.  

  • Double-ended stamper (for larger designs and smaller designs)
  • Scraper
  • Plate holder
  • Metal plate(s)
  • Mini instruction booklet

The kit comes with 5 metal stamping plates with a range of about 6 to 7 designs on each plate. The stamp I’m using is the one with the zebra print (SE 22) but I was sad to  see that of all the designs, there was no leopard print design. *Sigh* That was a bummer but that was a design I could do free-hand anyway.

As for nail polish, I used Essie’s “Carry On” as a base color for all my nails and used a light lavender color, Sally Hasen’s “Lacey Lilac” for the zebra design.  


So here it goes >.<

Metal plate with zebra design ready to go on the plate holder
Placed a nice layer of "Lacey Lilac" on design

Scraped excess nail polish 
*I should have scraped this design vertically not horizontally*
I couldn’t photograph this part since I had to work quickly but I firmly laid, but quickly lifted the larger side of the stamper on the design.

Ta-dah! ..... Yea, needs a bit more work.

I think with this nail stamper kit, it just takes patience and practice to get your nail designs to look flawless.  Also, apparently it just depends on the nail polish you use because I know that for the Konad kit, specific nail polish is to be used to work well with the metal plating.

Overall, I don’t quite love it yet aka you wont see it in my Winter favorites post.  I really just need to get my hands on some nail art polish at Sally’s Beauty Supply and I'll try again!

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