Sunday, February 24, 2013

2013 Oscars Live Blog + Mini NOTD

3:54pm Hey peeps. Live blogging the Oscars again this year so let's get to it.
3:56pm Already I’m noticing from all the fashion here on the red carpet, that THE color of the night so far is beige.  Jessica Chastain, Jennifer Lawrence, and Amanda Seyfried. 
3:58pm Yay, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Sally Fields. I love how they are interviewing together with her hand is wrapped around his arm. Very Cute.
3:59pm What?! JGL, Daniel Radcliffe, and Seth MacFarlane doing a skit together? Love this scoop I’m getting watching E!News.
4:01pm Oh no. I’m not liking Melissa McCarthy’s hair or dress. First fashion dud of the night for me :(.  Looks like something out of Dallas.  Best dressed so far? Amanda Seyfried for sure.
Credit: Popsugar

4:05pm Another color I’m seeing a lot on the red carpet is blue. Jennifer Hudson, Reese Witherspoon, Quvenzhan√© Wallis, and Amy Adams.
4:40pm What a surprise, Jennifer Aniston with her hair down.  She looks so happy with her bf but I expected more fashion wise. Then again, she isn't nominated for anything so I won't hamper on her too much.
4:46pm Adele looks great in her classic black outfits, but has a bit of sparkle. Also, I NEED her makeup person.

5:27pm Ok, so quick thoughts before the show.  Judging from all the red carpet interviews, it sounds like there is going to be a lot of musical numbers with most of the Les Mis stars singing. As for the actual awards, I am actually hoping Life of Pi gets some awards.

5:30pm Ah, I see the theme is actually Music in Film. Makes sense.
5:33pm Some of the jokes are falling flat but hey it's only been 3 minutes. Also I kinda saw this coming since he's not known for stand-up.
5:40pm Aww Channing and Charlize dancing was ....unexpected but nice.
5:42pm Haha the sock puppet Flight reenactment was actually funny. And I detect Jay Paroh from SNL as Denzel Washington.
5:43pm Yup, JGL and Daniel do a song with Seth.  Too bad they weren't given much to do. Boo.
5:49pm Waltz wins another oscar for Best Supporting Actor.
5:56pm Is it just me and my love of beards or does Paul Rudd look sexy tonight? Just me.
5:58pm Man I felt sorry for Melissa and Paul.  They were barely getting any laughs with that bit.
5:59pm BRAVE?! Brave?! Seriously Brave? Ok whatever.  I feel like the voters just penciled it in just because they saw it was from Pixar. *Sigh* Sorry Paranorman.
6:02pm So looks like they are grouping up 3 Best Films nominees at a time instead of showcasing each of time at a time.
6:06pm Haha, this RobertDJ roasting is hilarious.
6:07pm Life of Pi wins Best Cinematography!!!! Alright, I thought Skyfall would have it but this is a nice surprise. :)
6:09pm This Avengers bantering is great. Sam Jackson knows what he is talking about.
6:10pm Another Life of Pi win for Best Special Effects! I like this, let's keep this Pi-ball rolling.  Also, I just love listening to the theme music every time they win.
6:12pm Aww he didn't get to finish! The Oscars putting the Jaws theme to signify impeding doom was actually a nice touch though.
6:17pm Channing waxes? Makes total sense with his exotic dancing past lol.
6:19pm Les Mis wins for Best Makeup/Hair and Anna wins for Best Costume.
6:23pm Halle Barry looks extremely fashion forward in presenting Years of Bond.
6:25pm Wow, Shirley has still got it after all these years singing the Goldfinger song.
6:32pm I know Jamie was probably trying to be serious with the whole importance of Shorts but I couldn't help laughing. He sounds like he's delivering a line on SNL.
6:36pm Yay! Inocente wins. I remember seeing this Short on MTV and crying like a baby.  Who says MTV isn't good for anything anymore. Good for her.
6:45pm Searching for Sugarman wins Best Doc. I remember hearing his story on 60 min.
6:46pm Best joke of the night so far, "The cast of Prometheus tells us what the hell was up with that".
6:51pm Amour wins Best Foreign Language Film. I think we all saw that coming from a mile away.
7:02pm Yes......yes....YES! One More Day, this is my shit! I'm totally singing long! Even though they shortened the song down considerably. The recent stage version is still my personal favorite version of the song.
7:13pm Les Mis wins for Best Sound Mixing. The Ted bit is actually pretty funny. Doesn't overstay its welcome.
7:15pm A tie for the award. Too bad I don't remember the name of the award, just the very audible gasp from the audience when there was a tie announced.
7:21pm Anne Hathaway wins Best Supporting Actress.  And I actually liked her speech too.
7:33pm Argo wins something! Film Editing.
7:35pm The Skyfall song by Adele is literally the best part of Skyfall, hands down.
7:48pm Oh I always get goosebumps whenever I hear the Harry Potter theme. And Kristen Stewart looks like she needs to fart, big time.
7:49pm Lincoln wins for Production Design.
8:09pm Best Musical Score goes to....Life of Pi!  Yes! Score another one for the Pi.
8:13pm Best Song goes to ... Adele for Skyfall. Trust Adele to have a great short speech.
8:23pm Best Adapted Screenplay goes to Argo. I honestly thought it would between Argo or Life of Pi.
8:27pm Best Original Screenplay goes to Tarantino! Pleasant surprise seeing how people were thinking ZD30.
8:32pm "Cocaine trees" That is all.
8:35pm Ang Lee, bitches! Life of Pi wins Best Director.
8:40pm I have to say that Seth's jokes are getting better and better as the night rolls along.
8:42pm Best Actress is Jennifer Lawrence! Oh and she fell >.< Haha but she handles it like a champ. Finally SLP wins something.
8:48pm Oh and Phenoix is not having it. He's eating, looking down, and slightly shaking his head in shame.
8:50pm Best Actor is Daniel Day Lewis. I for one would have loved to see him play Margaret Thatcher.
8:52pm All hail Michelle Obama's bangs. O.O I am not worthy.
8:56pm Argo wins Best Picture? Don't get me wrong, I thought Argo was good but not THAT good. Oh who cares! Good for you Ben Affleck!
9:03pm And the show ends with a loser song to plug in a couple more jokes. Too bad the music was too loud. I couldn't hear what they were saying half the time.

Ok, so overall i liked the show.  Seth had a rough start with his jokes but he got better and better as the night kept going.  I think my favorite joke had to be the Von Trapp gag with Seth's reaction.  It was so hilariously stupid.
"Sir, they're gone!"
I was pleasantly surprised with some of the winners.  For days, all I was hearing was Lincoln, Argo, Zero Dark Thirty, DJango Unchained, and Silver Linings Playbook. And in the end these films barely got any awards.  Argo got like 2 to maybe 3 awards at best.  But each of the real big awards were evenly distributed between these films. Life of Pi definitely has something to celebrate by winning most of the awards and Ang Lee totally deserved his win.  The man spent four years creating this film. That's devotion. I'm happy with the results and I hope next year will be even better!

Mini NOTD:  China Glaze - Fast Track 
One of my absolute favorite nail colors OF ALL TIME. I am not kidding.  Consider this a sneak peak of the full length NOTD I have planned for this baby. Definitely appropriate for live-blogging the Oscars.

Friday, February 22, 2013

My First Time (Ep3) - Nail Stamp Art

Today I thought I’d post about my *cough* shitty *cough* first experience with a relatively new and seemingly fun trend in the nail world called nail stamping art.  I first heard about it a year or two ago when a lot of beauty Youtubers were using Konad’s nail stamping kit with beautiful results.  It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I finally bought this ‘Salon Express’ version at a Marshalls here in San Diego for 6 dollars so I thought “what the hell, lets give this a go”.


Here is a photo of the packaging for those of you unfamiliar with what it looks like.  Seems easy enough with the simple steps shown visually on the back.

And here is a picture of main the contents of the Salon Express stamping kit, excluding the two nail polishes shown that are actually from my own nail polish collection.  

  • Double-ended stamper (for larger designs and smaller designs)
  • Scraper
  • Plate holder
  • Metal plate(s)
  • Mini instruction booklet

The kit comes with 5 metal stamping plates with a range of about 6 to 7 designs on each plate. The stamp I’m using is the one with the zebra print (SE 22) but I was sad to  see that of all the designs, there was no leopard print design. *Sigh* That was a bummer but that was a design I could do free-hand anyway.

As for nail polish, I used Essie’s “Carry On” as a base color for all my nails and used a light lavender color, Sally Hasen’s “Lacey Lilac” for the zebra design.  


So here it goes >.<

Metal plate with zebra design ready to go on the plate holder
Placed a nice layer of "Lacey Lilac" on design

Scraped excess nail polish 
*I should have scraped this design vertically not horizontally*
I couldn’t photograph this part since I had to work quickly but I firmly laid, but quickly lifted the larger side of the stamper on the design.

Ta-dah! ..... Yea, needs a bit more work.

I think with this nail stamper kit, it just takes patience and practice to get your nail designs to look flawless.  Also, apparently it just depends on the nail polish you use because I know that for the Konad kit, specific nail polish is to be used to work well with the metal plating.

Overall, I don’t quite love it yet aka you wont see it in my Winter favorites post.  I really just need to get my hands on some nail art polish at Sally’s Beauty Supply and I'll try again!