Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Water Marble Nail Art, Take #3!

Ok, I think it's official. I'll never go back to regular one-color nails. I'm obsessed with water marbling so I might just keep doing these kinds of posts and let you see what different color combinations I come up with. Refer back to my original Water Marble Nail Art post for steps and other pictures.

Now, onto what nail polishes I used (I only used 2):
Zoya's "Rica" (What I'm Lovin' - May)
Forever 21's "Light Pink" (What I'm Lovin' - February)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What I'm Lovin' - May

Starting from the left:

1. Loreal Pop-out scrubber (from Deep Cleanser)
When I first started to exfoliate my face, I would use the bottled cream exfoliators. However, it's recently come to my knowledge that the one that I am currently using (St. Ives Apricot Scrub), while leaving your face feeling smooth, has such large particles that can actually create small tears which are damaging. I am now trying to invest in a manual scrubber, preferably the "Clarisonic Mia". Until then, I have heard that this pop-out scrubber is a nice exfoliator and have not stopped using it since the day I got it. Depending on which cleanser is best suited to your skin, you may end up with an orange, green, blue, pink, or white one and you do have to buy the Loreal cleanser to get any of the scrubbers.
2. Forever 21 Gold Necklace (very long)
I bought this at the beginning of spring and have forgotten to mention it until now. The necklace has small pink flowers attached along the gold chain. The necklace can be either worn long or can be wrapped around your neck twice to create a double necklace. This kind of necklace is also available with jade-colored flowers as well.
3. Forever 21 nail polish in "Pale Banana
A shimmery, light yellow nail polish.
4. Forever 21 Floral Ring
Beautiful jade-colored flower ring that has a silver band attached.
5. Milani Baked Blush in "Luminoso"
I saw a review for the fairly new line of Milani Baked Blushes on another blog and had to try one out. This pinky peach colored blush was the prettiest and least shimmery of the bunch. The only negative about this blush is the flimsy packaging.
(in the shade)
(in natural sunlight)
6. Forever 21 Giraffe-Print Sunglasses
7. CoverGirl Lash Blast Mascara in Brown
I bought this by mistake as I was trying to purchase a black LashBlast mascara. However, I came to find out that a brown mascara was exactly what I needed. It gives my eyes a little "oomph" while looking completely natural. Great mascara for "everyday", natural wear.
8. Zoya nail polish in "Rica"
This eye-catching nail polish is apart of Zoya's metallic summer nail polish collection.
9. Bath & Body Works Room Spray in "Strawberry Patch"
This scent is also available as a large 3-wicker candle and as a small 1-wicker candle. Strawberry Patch smells like strawberry candy and is always almost sold out every time I visit a Bath & Body Works store.
10. Loreal Lipstick in "Fairest Nude"
A light, neutral pink lipstick that has been raved by many women. It goes well on my dark, pigmented lips.
(with flash)

11. Bath & Body Works Body Cream in "Berry Signature Vanilla"
This triple moisture body cream, as well as the body spray (not pictured), are my personal favorite of the "Signature Vanillas" collection. The cream is extremely moisturizing, but not greasy, and has a very sweet berry scent.
12. Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer in "Fresh Picked Watermelon"
13. Carmex Cherry Lip Balm
My favorite lip balm because this one comes in gel form which I feel looks much more flattering on my super dry lips than any of the stick balms I've tried in the past.