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Flower Makeup & Nail Polish Review

So I heard Drew Barrymore was coming out with a line of makeup and didn't think too much about it.  Lets be honest here, whenever a celebrity comes out with a line of makeup it usually is less than stellar and the range of items in the collection can be lacking.  In a nutshell, it's hard to take celebrity makeup lines seriously.

That's what I unconsciously thought about the upcoming Flower Makeup line.... that is until I saw the display at my local Walmart for the first time..... Ready for this? 3....2...1....

O.O     Oh shit.

Holy makeup, Drew Barrrymore! The display... it's HUGE. That, ladies and gentlemen is about the size of what a normal makeup line takes up in a makeup aisle.  Just by looking at the great variety of products, packaging, and bright display, it's obvious that Drew and her peeps put a lot of effort into this so I thought I'd put some effort into trying her makeup. Let's dive right in shall we?


An important note about Flower Beauty cosmetics is that their products are "Proudly made in the USA" and "Never test on animals" as an added bonus.

Flower About Face Foundation in LF6
I'm going to come right out and say that I love this foundation and it has replaced my "220 Fit Me Foundation" as my everyday foundation.  The foundation is on the dewy side with light/medium coverage that is build-able.  There were 14 shades available at my local Walmart with great color selection.  One of the reasons why I love this foundation is that they have my exact skin color.  I have very yellow skin that is right between the light and medium shades which is frustrating since other foundation selections have too much of a contrast of color between the darkest yellow-y light and lightest yellow-y medium, skipping my in-between skin color. Therefore, even the closest matching foundation I have with real yellow undertone (my 220 Fit Me) comes off a tad dark.  In a good way, however, like I have a natural tan, it still matches my skin undertone perfectly.

The con with this product is that it does not last long on the oily parts of my face, specifically the cheeks and forehead.  So I'll notice after about 5 to 7 hours later, the natural redness of my cheeks can be seen while everywhere else holds up a bit better.  Compare this to my Fit Me foundation that will last longer.

comes in a glass bottle with pump

Flower Color Play Creme Eyeshadow in Wild Geranium
Wild Geranium is a beautiful shimmery rose gold creme eyeshadow that is extremely pigmented and a little goes a very long way.  You have been warned.  Because it's a creme eyeshadow, this would work great on people with drier eyelids.  I, unfortunately, have pretty oily lids so to make this last I suggest a trusty eye primer with a light wash of the eyeshadow on the eyelid, not within the crease.  With that in mind, I would still recommend the creme eyeshadow based on the great pigmentation and the gorgeous shades available.  I will definitely be picking more up next time.

Nail Lacquer in Gorgeous Gerbera
Now onto the nail polish.  You know me, I LOVE nail polish and the color selection had me sqeeing with delight.  Gorgeous Gerbera is a pale peachy pink, leaning more pink than peach.  The color goes well against my medium skin.  As far as the quality, I would give this nail polish an overall definite thumbs up.  The opacity is wonderful, only taking one coat to show up in all its pale glory.  A negative for this nail polish was that I felt that the dry time was a bit long after applying the second layer which is no bueno for an impatient nail person like me.  However, once everything was set in stone with my trusty Seche Vite top coat, this polish lasted the entire full 2 weeks with barely any chipping on the front edge of the nail.  Yes folks you heard right, if you are interested check this polish out! Of the two nail polishes I bought, this one is my favorite.

Flash - 14th day

Natural light - 14th day

Nail Lacquer in What's the Daffodilly-O?
What's the Daffodilly-O? is a more intense coral pink color that would be a great pop of color for the spring time.  I have another similar color in my nail polish collection called I'm Wired from the Sephora by OPI but found it to be too bright and intense of a hot pinky color against my skin tone. So I was slightly hesitant to get this one but caved anyway.  Thank goodness I did because I ended up really liking it.  In comparison to Gorgeous Gerbera, this color seemed to clash a little against my skin but was a hell of a lot better than I'm Wired so I kept wearing it and found that Daffodilly-O grew on me.  In terms of the quality, everything that was said about Gorgeous Gerbera's quality goes the same with this color as well.  Opacity is great with only one coat, slow dry time but held up like a champ for 2 weeks with a good top coat.  I'm not in love but I still see multiple uses from it.

Flash - 14th day

Natural light - 14th day


So to recap....
About Face Foundation - great selection with slight dewy finish, natural, but weaker staying power
Color Play Creme Eyeshadows - extremely pigmented color that can last with a good primer
Nail Lacquers - great opacity, little chipping, great lasting power, longer dry time

If I had to go back I repurchase every single item I picked up. Two thumbs up!

 Btw, from what I saw, the collection has liquid foundation, stick foundation, BB cream, powder, blush/bronzer duos, nail polishes, lip glosses, lipsticks, eyeliner, eyeshadow quads, cream eyeshadows, concealers, and the list goes on... @.@ so there is plenty to choose from.

Drew Barrymore's Flower Beauty can found in Walmart or online. 
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Sunday, March 10, 2013

What I’m Loving - Fall & Winter 2012 (Nov&Dec)

Urban Decay Build Your Own Palette
“Walk of Shame” matte light beige
“Free Love” luminous golden peach
“Chopper” luminous copper with silver micro glitter
“Last Call” luminous plum burgundy-purple
“Roach” luminous deep burgundy brown
“Toasted” luminous burgundy taupe

Natural Light: WOS, Free Love, Chopper, Last Call, Roach, Toasted

Flash: WOS, Free Love, Chopper, Toasted, Roach, Last Call

 Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadows in “Scratch”, “Shag”, “Underground”
“Scratch” shimmery rose gold pink
“Shag” shimmery copper
“Underground” shimmery earth-toned brown

Deluxe packaging
Natural Light

Wet n’ Wild lipstick in “918D”
My fav because it is one of the few affordable deep dark reds without a hint of purple in it.  Only $1.99, this lipstick miraculously does not dry out my lips and is without patchiness = more bang for my buck.
TIP: Use Revlon’s Red Velvet on top of or underneath 918D to make the lipstick feel less dry and give more of a hydrating creamy look and feel.

Revlon Lip Butter in “Red Velvet”
Red Velvet doesn’t have the same punch of color that W’W918D does but then again it’s not meant to be a lipstick.  It’s a great buttery wash of color that can be worn by itself or combined with matte (W’W918D) or patchy (Revlon’s Black Cherry) lipsticks.

Hunger Games (DVD) I already gave a mini review of the film here.
Home Alone 1&2 (DVD)
Finally purchased these movies during the Holiday season because.... well, duh.
Had a lot of heart and the overall creepy black and white feel of the movie really stuck with me.

Bat for Lashes -The Haunted Man
      fav tracks  - Laura
                        - Lilies
                        - Marilyn
                        - A Wall
                        - Deep Sea Diver
                        - Daphne

Bat for Lashes is an indie musician who is slowly gaining more and more followers since she started in 2006.  She had my heart when my art teacher showed her music video “What’s A Girl To Do” to our class in my freshman year of college in 2008 and I've been purchasing her CDs ever since. She has collaborated with Beck, did an amazing cover of The Cure's A Forest, and did a song with Band of Horses featured in The Twilight Saga: Eclips movie. Check her out.

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