Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Halloween Nails #2 - Hello Kitty Frankenstein Nails Tutorial (pic heavy)

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Time for another Halloween Nail Tutorial!
This time, I wanted to involve a character that I am sure many of you love, Hello Kitty! This is a French Manicure style of design, to make it a little more chic I guess you could say, either way it looks feminine and adorable. My roommate could not stop complimenting me on a job well done. Hope you like it!

Disclaimer: I am not a professional nail artist and do not claim to be one. This is my first time doing such a detailed design so don't be too harsh on me >.< Given my experience with this design, I hope that those of you who don't think you can do it will be inspired to at least give it a try!

Take your time with this, especially when using the nail art pen for the small designs.
Practice, Practice, Practice, on a sheet of paper before drawing the design on your nail.

What you will need: - What I am using:
  • green nail polish - Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in “Green With Envy”
  • light purple nail polish - Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in “ Lacey Lilac”
  • yellow nail polish - Sinful Colors in “Pull Over”
  • small, pointed brush - A double sided lip brush from a lip palette
  • a nail art pen - Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in “Black”
  • piece of paper
  • Q-tips
  • clear top coat polish - Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat

(L to R: “Green With Envy”, “Lacey Lilac”, “Pull Over”, “MegaShine”)

Step 1:
Apply the green nail polish half way on all your fingers. Wait until completely dry. This will be the color of Hello Kitty’s face.

Step 2:
Use a Q-tip and dip one side into some nail polish remover. Use wet Q-tip to wipe away excess nail polish and create a straight line on each nail. Note: Give yourself some room For the design and let the green nail polish take up a third of each of your nails.

Step 3:
Using the nail art pen, lightly dab onto your nail, both of Hello Kitty’s eyes. Note: If you are using a nail art pen for the first time, practice the design on the piece of paper first so you are less likely to make a mistake.

Step 4:
Using nail art pen again, create a small bow for Hello Kitty. This will be an outline for the purple nail polish and will be mostly covered. Don’t worry if it looks messy for now.

Now, use your pointed brush and take a bit of purple nail polish onto the brush tip. Color in Hello Kitty’s bow. Wait until completely dry.

Step 5:
Using the pointed brush, dip the tip into the yellow nail polish and create Hello Kitty’s nose. This usually only take a light dab to do, probably the easiest step.

Step 6:
Almost done! Now, for the last part of the design, you will need the nail art pen. Using the pen, outline the outside of the dry purple nail polish to create a complete and neat bow for Hello Kitty. Also with the pen, draw on some stitches on each side of Hello Kitty’s face to make the design truly Frankenstein- looking. Wait until completely dry.

Step 7:
STOP! Have you waited until the design is completely DRY? You do not want to see all your hard work smeared away with one swipe of top coat.

Once DRY, gently add on a layer of any top coat of your choice to protect the design and you are done!

(natural light)

(artificial light)
I hope you enjoyed my nail tutorial and will try this design on your own! I may just come back next week with a different Hello Kitty Halloween design.
Thanks for stopping by!

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