Saturday, December 24, 2011

Water Marble Nail Art, Take #6!

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Here is the Christmas water marble art I have been wanting to sport ever since I got Zoya's "Ivanka" this past July. I made two different versions on each hand. On the left hand (my first attempt) I used "Ivanka" in conjunction with "Ruby Red", a bright matte red. And on the right hand (my second attempt) I went ahead and paired "Ivanka" with "Red Carpet", a glittery red.
Each came with different results which I will get discuss further.....

Refer back to my original Water Marble Nail Art post for steps and other pictures.

Nail polishes I used (I only used 2 on each nail):
Sinful Colors in “Ruby Red” (left hand nails)
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in “Red Carpet” (right hand nails)
Zoya in "Ivanka"
(L to R: “Ruby Red”, “Red Carpet”, “Ivanka”)

I would like to get this out of the way by saying that Zoya's "Ivanka" was NOT a good nail polish to water marble with. It's not impossible but its pretty difficult. I would not recommend for use if you are not an experienced water marbler.

In my first attempt of water marbling with "Ivanka" I decided to pair it with "Ruby Red" which is not glittery and therefore would make the glittery green "Ivanka" stand out more. Water marbling was a disaster. When I tried to use a pointed stick to make the design, the green went everywhere and would not stay in place for me to make a decent design for my nails. This explains why the edges of the colors on the close up shots look so muddied and not smooth. However, from afar, they look much better and I have actually received plenty of compliments from women while Christmas shopping.

(left hand; flash)

(right hand; flash)

Replacing "Ruby Red" with "Red Carpet" on my second attempt, on my right hand, fared a bit better while water marbling. My theory is that I used two glittery nail polishes instead of one and therefore balanced each other out better. And I have to say, I do like this pairing better. I especially love how both the colors sparkle in the sunlight. Absolutely gorgeous.

(left hand; sunlight)
(right hand; sunlight)
Have a Happy Holiday! Thanks for stopping by!

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