Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hunger Games Nail Polish Haul + Mini Movie Review

I'm in the midst of my Spring Break and I'm back in a big way. With a huge Hunger Games nail polish haul. Above is a photo of the 8 out of 12 Hunger Games nail polishes by China Glaze. I genuinely love this collection. The collection is mostly filled with neutrals and glitters, which I am in love with as you can see, hahaha. I am considering buying one or two more since these China Glaze polishes are on sale at Sallys, making them cheaper than similar colors from Essie or OPI.

L to R: Luxe & Lush, Smoke & Ashes, Stone Cold, Argo

L to R: Well Dressed, Fast Track, Electrify, Riveting


I’ve read the first book and am about to start the second, Catching Fire.

Regarding the film, I liked that the romance/sort-of love triangle is played down even more so than in the book. The film could have easily given in to “Twilight tween audience” and given us a played up cheesy romance between Katniss and Peeta but it didn’t, even if it is fake for television. At its heart what this film/book series is is NOT about romance but a commentary on our society. Its a cautionary tale on how “entertainment” like reality television and extreme government control can go too far and make life miserable.

I really liked this movie for being able to have the PG13 rating yet tried to please all audiences and not just the tween demographic that’s usually associated with many subpar, cheesy movies. Those who came into this film not expecting much, like my boyfriend, were pleasantly surprised. And I’m very glad.

As for the “shakey” cam, this honestly did not bother me nor did I even notice until the actual Hunger Games portion of the film. This is probably because we sat in the very last row where the entire screen is easily visible. The only time it got me was during the climactic fight scene unfortunately.

Overall, even with some story changes and the deletion of some scenes from the book, I thought the film did a great job.

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