Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Water Marble Nail Art, Take #3!

Ok, I think it's official. I'll never go back to regular one-color nails. I'm obsessed with water marbling so I might just keep doing these kinds of posts and let you see what different color combinations I come up with. Refer back to my original Water Marble Nail Art post for steps and other pictures.

Now, onto what nail polishes I used (I only used 2):
Zoya's "Rica" (What I'm Lovin' - May)
Forever 21's "Light Pink" (What I'm Lovin' - February)


  1. cool! how do u keep your fingers from being stained when u do water marbling?

  2. I take about 3 small pieces of scotch tape and place them along each side of my finger nail, preventing nail polish from getting on my skin.