Monday, May 30, 2011

Water Marble Nail Art, Take #2!

This is the second time painting my nails using the water marble technique. I loved the way these three set of colors turned out on my nails which is why I decided to dedicate another short post to water marbling.

The three colors used were F21's "Pale Banana", Bettina's #74, and a hint of Sephora by OPI's "I'm Wired".

^ My favorite design. ^

What I've Learned: I learned that some nail polishes are not so great for water marbling. The bright pink "I'm Wired" color was originally supposed to be used in combination with just the "Pale Banana" color. While the design looked fine from the view of the water's top surface, underneath the color had spilled over. So when I would dip my finger (correctly of course) into the water the design was all muddied and ruined each and every time. What did I do to fix this? I brought in a third neutral color that would mainly be paired with the yellow and only used ONE drop of the pink to add a pop a color. And there you have it.

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